ARD Group

ARD Group has been founded since 2006, by bringing large affiliate companies together within Turkey and the world market under an institutional identity. In the formation of Holding companies, which are gathered under the main headings of Information, Health, Defense, Energy, Construction and Consultancy. It is considered that these fields of activity are services with high threshold value, technological necessity and macro level value in Turkey. Designing projects for the state and private sector in Hacettepe University, Technocity with its two R&D offices and more than 50 expert engineers and software developers. All software processes progress in compliance with ISO 15504 SPICE Level 2 standards which is the world software processes. Furthermore, data safety is prioritized by ISO 27001 information safety and facility safety certifications. ARD GROUP Informatics is one of the largest business partners of Vodafone Corporation for the publication of the projects that they developed and on cloud services and it uses Vodafone Cloud Technologies Base, which is the greatest data center of Vodafone Group in Turkey and the sixth greatest data center of Vodafone Group in the world. Apart from that, ARD GROUP Informatics actively operates in Smart Solutions such as Smart Health, Smart City and Public Safety, Smart Energy, etc. provides end-to-end solutions within Turkey and Worldwide projects. Also, we collaborate with the giant vendors such as HITACHI as a VAR, Service Provider and System Integrator. Within the context of “Smart Cities”, ARD Group produces “Smart Environmental Security System” solutions for institutions and organizations who’s internal and external area security condition at critical level.

 ARD Group is actively involved in the studies related to Industry 4.0 in Turkey and takes part in the management board at the Industry 4.0 cluster. Therefore, we have a fund of knowledge of Industry 4.0. Also, we have completed as well as ongoing projects related areas on Semantic Web and IoT experiences. ARD Group also has important accomplishments in public law and security sector in Turkey with the biggest private sector judicial network project integrated with the national judiciary informatics system of Ministry of Justice, offering informatics services in a wide judicial spectrum from all legal authorities. Furthermore, it has developed UHAP-National Law Network Project, the second largest legal platform in Turkey, and has been rendering cloud service-provider services. We are serving customers in a global scale with the solutions such as IoT, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Industry 4.0, development of IOS & Android applications and Smart Video Analytics. Having experiences in R&D, delivery & Project management for Government Agency, in the scope of Eureka; ITEA 2, ITEA 3 project calls and in the scope of European Commission Funds Horizon 2020’ projects as well as national funded TUBITAK and KOSGEB projects. In last 5 years the ARD holding has been ranked in Deloitte’s Technology Turkey list in first 10(ten) and in first 20(twenty) in EMEA region list of the fast growing technology firms ranking.

ARD GROUP is a well-known Key Actor in EU Projects Consortiums in its Region and acts as driving force in its Role. As Consortium member ARD Group has participated as the Country Coordinator on various Projects in its past and today.

Main Contributions : ARD GROUP will take part in the project as a use case provider in the field of justice and focusing on lawyer assignments in civil and criminal cases. The data in the anonymized data pool will be made meaningful and requests for assignment will be parameterised with distance, suitability, language (particularly for migrants), disability (e.g. requirements for sign-language), previous experience, performance and training (e.g. who have received appropriate training for persons who have experienced sexual abuse or violence, child cases etc.) using machine learning, NLP and AI as well as sensory inputs and appoint a lawyer to match the requirements.

Doğuş Bilgi İşlem ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri

Description : Dogus Technology is the technology company of Dogus Group which has founded in 1951, active in six core businesses including automotive, construction, media, hospitality & retail, real estate, and energy sustains. Dogus Group is also growing with new investments in the areas of technology, sports, and entertainment along with its current operations. With over 300 companies and more than 18,000 employees, the Group serves its customers with advanced technologies, highest brand quality and a dynamic human resource. Dogus Group reaches beyond the borders of Turkey to serve 30 countries in 4 continents and continues to expand through regular investments. Dogus Technology is one of the most important elements of Dogus Group’s vision and strategies and was established in 2011 to operate in the field of information technologies. Dogus Technology is located at Maslak /İstanbul with more than 200 R&D staff and 300+ clients and works in a huge variety of areas of Information Technology creating and maintaining products using the latest technologies. Dogus Technology has products and services in the following areas; Software Development, Data Center and Infrastructure, Robotic Process Automation, Information Security, Business Intelligence, Web-based Projects Services, User Experience Design (UX/CX), Process Design and Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) Consultancy. Dogus Technology provides ICT solutions in Automotive, Construction, Media, Tourism and Services, Construction, Energy, Food & Beverage.

Dogus Technology focuses on R&D activities mainly in the areas of, Mobility, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Gamification, Optimization Algorithms, High Performance Applications, Blockchain, Open Source Platforms, Location Based Services, Cybersecurity and Edge Computing. Dogus Technology offers technology guidance by proposing projects that are compatible with business objectives and converts these technological applications into high-value-added services. In 2020, Dogus Technology has 2 labelled ITEA call 6 projects; Orchestrator (CyberSecurity domain) and D4Health (Health domain) in which contributes with its Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP expertise. Dogus Technology also has a labelled CelticNext Project called Bentrade about building microgrids to allow P2P trade of electricity on blockchain based Marketplace. In this Project Dogus Technology contributes on Blockchain development and Marketplace development. In addition, Dogus Technology is a part of an Ecsel Project consortium called Fit4Health which is about health and wellbeing, led by Phillips. In this Project Dogus Technology offers its NLP and machine learning expertise.

Main Contributions : Dogus Technology will carry out NLP studies to ensure that customer requests are directed to appropriate service providers in order to eliminate problems in mobile portable devices. With the developed NLP technology, problems coming from customers will be classified primarily on the basis of category / product / model.


Since its establishment in 2000, Experteam is offering service in business applications and information technologies. Started to operate in 2000 with just 6 people, Experteam has reached a team of over more than 300 members with an expertise-oriented growth and become a leading company in its field. With the number of realized projects, offered expert services, number of consultants, a broad solution portfolio and expertise, Experteam is one of the biggest Turkish solution partners of multi-national corporations operating in Turkey.

With the R&D center established in 2017, Experteam has started to develop innovative solutions by combining its 20 years of experience with innovative software solutions. In this context, it has carried out successful national and international projects and continues to produce solutions that make a difference with software development, machine learning technologies and NLP applications.

Main Contributions : Experteam will use data processing and NLP techniques for marking and classifying calls to the support center for remote software support, making error messages understandable with OCR techniques, and finding the solution for the request by the system or finding and assigning the appropriate consultant to resolve the request.

Hiperlink Eğitim İletişim Yayıncılık Gıda San. Paz. ve TIC. LTD. STI.

Hiperlink was established to bring resources of information and its users together in the print and electronic platforms, providing effective solutions for the needs of the corporations and individuals. Our firm focuses on the ultimate customer satisfaction, by using the best available technology, improving its infrastructure and training its staff for the best results in its products and services.

Hiperlink team periodically scans the sources and finds the most up to date literature published in Turkey. Hiperlink provides with resources of information and culture in Turkish to the institutions and individuals in Turkey and abroad in a Professional manner.

Main Contributions : In this project, we will contribute more technically to the development of the project as a software developer. In addition to the development of Web and Mobile platforms, we will want to transfer our experience in Data to the project. We will take part as a developer in collecting row data on the Data Process side and in data mining platforms to be created from these data. We will also take part in the development of optimization tool provider. In addition to these, we have experience in OCR as our main field of study is e-book content. We will support this as a developer of OCR Provider.